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Since the company's beginning in 1992, Weeraratne Industries (Pvt) Ltd has grown and established its position as a trusted and preferred garments manufacturer in promotional and sports outfits to well known companies in Sri Lanka. Additionally to servicing the apparel manufacturing needs of international companies and Sri Lankan companies, Windus has also partnered with medium and small clients in Sri Lanka. Relationship building has always been an integral part of Weeraratne Industries (Pvt) Ltd’s, founders and the present management and its many long standing clients around Sri Lanka bare ample testimony to this fact.


We offer a range of services to our clients for manufacturing including caps, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, and jackets. These manufacturing services are all done in-house by a team of professionals.


From our roots in old-world tailoring, we place a high value in our manufacturing standards. We are able to work from either a hand made a sketch or an illustration to craft production ready garments.


Quality control is the final step of the development process where we execute stringent control measure to ensure the garments are a perfect fit and quality manufacturing standards have been practiced.


Are you just starting out in the industry? Weeraratne Industries offers consultation services to establish confidence and understanding before you embark on your journey to bring concept to reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your minimums?

We will work with minimums as low as 05 per size, style and colour. We are proud to offer the lowest minimum order quantities / highest quality in the industry and are passionate about the work we do.

Can you work with Enterprise clients?

Yes!, Our production facility in Kandy is dedicated to producing apparels for brands looking for large quantities. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

Can you give me a price or quote on the phone?

We can only give a price quote once we have finalized your pattern, fabric and the design. This is our most frequently asked question. As is standard in the industry, we can never provide a price quote by phone or email until we know what your requirements are.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time depends on a lot of factors: the season, other production orders in the schedule, what machines your garments require, etc.  Once we receive your deposit, we will work to put you in the schedule and let you know the estimated completion date.

Will you source fabric for me?

Yes we source all the necessary fabric for our clients.

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